Career Report Sources

By: Regina, Omar & Thomas

Production Assistant: Helps with camera department, handles lunch runs, and whatever else is needed.

Video Producer: In charge of making the movie/film, raise funding, read and research and asses ideas and finished scripts, build and develop a network of contacts

Screenwriter: writer of the film. They create the dialogue, Characters and story line of the movie script.

Cameraman: Control and Operate the video camera. They have to be able to shoot angles, frame angles and be able to work alongside with the director, actors and actresses.

Cast Producer: Organizing the casting of actors and actresses for all roles in the film. Arranges and conducts interviews and auditions with the artists as well as negotiating fees and contracts for the actors who get the part. They work with the director and producer to understand the requirements.



Keeping Up With The Pope

By: Regina McCormick, Julia Mulry, Kate Mazza, Hari Roth

The main points from the Alperstein essay on “Imaginary Social Relationships” was that the media spotlight seemed to focus on people because of some sort of accomplishment they made. Alperstein says that celebrities create illusions of intimacy and enable viewers to cultivate “imaginary social relationships” with the media figures. The production of a celebrity relies on the existence and exploitation of the channels of mass communications. The gap between a persons public image and their private life grew. The viewers only know what the audience told them. Also viewers follow celebrities for a source of entertainment. Two celebrities that we have chosen are Kim Kardashian and Pope Francis. They both have social media, like twitter and instagram, that people follow to keep up with their daily activities and posts. Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian has more followers than the Pope, meaning more people follow her pictures and twitter posts. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.39.13 PM.png

Both the Pope and Kim Kardashian are active Instagram and Twitter users.  Though they are drastically different figures promoting dissimilar messages, their use of social media catalyzes their fan communication.  The Pope is very cognizant of his multicultural following, and has accounts set up in several languages in order to easily and comfortably reach his followers.  This not only shows his understanding and support for multinational Catholicism, but allows for ready communication globally.  Kim Kardashian uses these platforms, as well.  However, Snapchat is prevalent in her means of mass communication, too.  Kim updates each of her social medias regularly to allow fans to live vicariously through her days.  Kim Kardashian and the Pope both use their social media pages in order to actively maintain relationships with their followers.

The social media styles of the Pope and Kim differ in obvious ways, including the community they outreach to. While the Catholic Church has an estimated population of about 1.2 billion, the Pope only has 10.5 M twitter followers in contrast to Kim’s 50.7M followers. While Kim asks followers for advice, such as protein shake recipes, the Pope offers spiritual and uplifting advice to followers. The Pope’s accounts reach out to all followers and act as a positive, uplifting media to help followers with their faith. This is very far from the way Kim’s accounts act as a social, fashion, and material models for followers.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.38.53 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.40.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.42.31 PM.png

Without a doubt social media is the main key in creating and enabling these type of celebrity and fan relationships. The broad span and vast amount of people that it covers allows celebrities with a large fan base is unlike anything that has existed until recent years. Social media is very important to these relationships because it allows one to spread their message to all their “followers” at the click of a button. Without barely thinking celebrities can share an advertisement, thought, or even agenda that will be seen by millions and millions of people. These are the non-intricate relationships that are much more common with celebrities but some such as Kim Kardashian read through their interactions and sometimes personally respond to fans making her seem much more personable and like a real life friend. This does not happen as often as other tweets or comments but when it does it helps build her brand even further. The Pope on the other hand, uses social media differently. On twitter and Instagram he does not respond to his “fans” or followers directly at all. This can probably be attributed to the power and magnitude of his position and the fact that he probably does not run his social media accounts himself. However, just the fact that the Pope has social media accounts makes him appeal to younger audience and keeps the Church up with modern times. In conclusion the Pope and Kim Kardashian both use social media very differently but to their advantages as they try to grow their image, their brand, and their message.

Translating Advertisement Assignment

By: Regina McCormick, Holly Lloyd


This commercial uses “global advertising” techniques because it shows the different cultures that uses the Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone is known for being a ‘smart’ phone and has many ways to translate into different languages. It also brings many benefits to different cultures because of the use of its different languages and the advantages of learning about the different cultures.

The three main points of the essay is 1. New Technology has a big impact, 2. Language is very influential and 3. People’s desires. New technology leads to changes in some aspects of the politics and democratic countries, notably political campaigning and fundraising. New media also effects the way in which public opinion is formed. A lot of people today use twitter as a media source to communicate their political voice and opinions. The growing popularity of online media in the long run, established democracies that are largely responsible for the decline in the readership and profitability of newspapers. The rise of radio and television also brought a new justification for governments to play an active role in overseeing the media. Language is very influential to advertising because different languages will obviously attract different people according to their language that they speak. People’s desires are heavily influenced through advertisements because it catches the audiences attention. For example, people subscribe to newspaper and magazines for the informative and entertaining content they provide. In addition, when advertisers buy space in newspapers or magazines, they are buying the readers’ attention.


My Story

For the ‘My Story’ project I chose to do a trip to Boulder Cafe. It’s a well known spot on campus that many students go to, including me. I chose this place because I go quite often and it’s a great place to hang and do work. They serve a variety of delicious foods and the workers are so nice. It’s also a great place to go when you’re waiting for your next class and you will always see a friendly face there. I wanted to display the great job that the workers are doing and how much of a common place it is for students.

Red Sox Nation

By: Kate Mazza, Regina McCormick, Hari Roth, Julia Mulry


The Boston Red Sox fan base is one comparable to a religion because of the knowledge, understanding, and dedication required to be a part of the community. To be a fan, one must possess the “doing, believing, valuing, and believing”. The fan base is also one comparable to a religious community or family like the Catholic church. It is similar in the sense that it is passed down between generations and a tradition for many New England natives. Similar to the Catholic religion, Red Sox Nation has many symbols and rituals. During the 7th inning stretch of every game, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond is played. This song is well-known and familiar to all Sox fans, in the way that the mass song parts are recognizable to a Catholic. Another symbol to Sox fans is the “bloody sock” of Curt Schilling during the 2004 World Series. This symbol of sacrifice and perseverance is honored by Sox fans in the same way that the blood of Christ is honored by Catholics. There are any other ways that Red Sox Nation is similar to religious communities.

Red Sox fans were once described as the “ultimate manic-depressive fanbase.” Which is also considered bi-polar disorder that causes periods of depression and periods of elevated mood. During mania individuals feels abnormally energized, happy or irritable, and make poorly thought out decisions with little regard of the consequences. If you have ever been to a Red Sox game the fan base is crazy. They always comment on the plays and what they think, regardless of who is around. In 2010, Forbes magazine rated Red Sox Nation as the best fans in American sports, citing points such as road attendance and overall devotion to the team. You can be the most religious person in the world, but if you follow the Sox, you have no choice but to believe wholeheartedly in curses and superstitions. Fenway park is known as the ‘sacred’ place for the Red Sox and their fans. Going to games and following the team throughout the season can be related to religion because it’s the same as going to church every Sunday. By them screaming at the plays that occur, it can also be them ‘praising’ the team. Also baseball has a lot of unpredicted events that happen and most people start praying that their team wins. It’s a constant battle back and forth of excitement and disappointment but they never lose the faith in the team, and this is the same thing with any religion.

 Another way fans of the Boston Red Sox fans can be compared to followers of religion can be seen in their stadium, Fenway Park. This location can be seen as a religious ground  similar to a Church by Red Sox fans, in Boston and also outside of Boston. Furthermore, those outside of Boston view a trip to Fenway Park as something similar to a religious pilgrimage or Mecca for Islam or the Vatican for Christians. All Red Sox fans from around the world want to make this very special trip to Fenway Park to experience a main source of what brings them happiness. In addition to this Fenway Park can be compared to a sacred sight such as churches or temples of religions because of the items it contains. Items such as the statue of Ted Williams located outside or the various game used items located throughout the stadium are looked up to as important pieces of history and draw very close similarities to icons and artifacts that are revered in most religions; especially in Christianity.

People who are incredibly passionate about something tend to use that as a bond for their community.  With religion, it is the ideologies held amongst that common faith, or maybe their holy text/figure.  With a sports team, its the love of the game, players, and the comradely of their idolized team.  What these two entities share, however, is the devotion and adoration shared by their followers.  The Boston Red Sox are a prime example of this shared fervor with  faithfulness.  With numerous books written about their fandom, including David Greene’s 101 Reasons to Love the Red Sox, it is nationally known that Red Sox fans are not ones to mess with.  From their frosty rivalry with the Yankees, to their love of the Green Monster, all the way to their diehard nature at each and every game, the Red Sox take the cake for most enthusiastic group of fans.  This correlates similarly to the Catholic church.  As a very mainstreamed, large religions, Catholics are known to be overly passionate about their faith, in things such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Vatican, where faith is emphatically shown.  By wearing medallions and purchasing other religious gear, Catholics outwardly display their religion, similarly to that of the Red Sox Fan’s representation of their ardor.  


Dall, Amber. “What It Takes to Be a True Red Sox Fan – Literacy & Discourse.” Medium. Literacy & Discourse, 02 Dec. 2015. Web. 20 Mar. 2017.

Blade Runner

By: Hari Roth, Kate Mazza, Regina McCormick, Julia Mulry

1.) After watching the movie Blade Runner and reading the texts posted on Moodle we can safely say that I agree with both of the articles we read pertaining to the movie. The article that resonates the most after reading about and watching the movie is “The Blade Runner Experience: The Legacy of a Science Fiction Classic” In particular a quote that we found to be accurate was, “this collection of essays explores the various platforms literary, fan, digital, and theoretical where the film continues to resonate.” From the essay the quote summarizes one of the main aspects of Blade Runner that still makes it still well-known and famous today; the fact that it still has a following because of the fact that it contains deeper meanings and thought provoking aspects. In addition, we also liked how the article further proved the ideas of mortality and morality. In general, both of the articles provided a great source of supplementary readings to the movie and provided great insight further into the film that helps prove and explain its ideas, clear and unclear, further.

2.) Blade Runner is credited as one of the most influential and monumental movies to enter the Sci-Fi world. It distinguishes itself from prior Sci-Fi films and stories because of several factors. It has been critically acclaimed and analyzed by many Sci-Fi circles. A primary factor that distinguishes Blade Runner from other Sci-Fi films is its dark, dreary, and dirty setting. It is very different from the clean, white, and gray settings of other Sci-fi movies of the time, such as Star Wars. It presented a world in the future that was dystopia rather than utopia. Another key component that distinguishes it from other Sci-Fi movies is the introduction of an intelligent Android (tag “intelligent android”) that is virtually indistinguishable from the humans that created it. These factors add up making BladeRunner the most influential science fiction film of the 1980s.

3.) The movie comments on humanity and ethics by Roy Batty , who is in fact a fairly perfect “human”: strong, handsome, and honest. There is also the monstrous uncanny of Sebastian’s creations, the strange and ungainly precursors to the replicants he designs for Dr. Tyrell. Monstrosity is also present in the human characters. For instance, the coldness with which Deckard, along with Bryant and Gaff, respond to the assignment of “retiring” the replicants; the use of the verb absolving them of any moral wrongdoing. To say “kill” would be to grant the replicants some outward appearance of autonomy, even if merely the status of a living being; to “murder” them would be to tacitly admit their humanity. Replicants are indistinguishable from adult humans and are banned from Earth because they are exclusively utilized for dangerous or menial work on the “off-world colonies.” Replicants who ignore the ban and go back to Earth, are hunted down and killed by the police, known as “Blade Runners.” This comments on humanity because it’s saying that if people don’t follow the laws by the government they will be punished. The Replicants start to show compassion and fear for one another and are put together against human characters who lack empathy, while the mass of humanity on the streets is cold and impersonal. The film goes so far as to put in doubt whether Deckard is human, and forces the audience to re-evaluate what it means to be human.

4.) The Blade Runner is an exceptional movie because of the question it poses about humanity. The question of what makes us human is quite intricate as it can never really be answered. Is our humanity defined through our actions and thought? If so, this remains to be incredibly relevant because of the existential question of why we exist. However, what if we’re here because were being controlled by a higher being? Does that change our humanity? While these questions are all posed by this movie, it is clear by the movie’s climax that our humanity is questioned, but must be earned.

“Friends Are Waiting” by: Budweiser


  Budweiser’s t.v. commercial “Friends are waiting” shows how you can drink responsibly when you go out. The video above uses many emotional aspects and symbolism to catch the audience’s attention on drinking and driving. Budweiser is a brand known beer that started its brewing in 1876, by Carl Conrad & Co. It has grown to become one of the highest selling beers in the United States and is available in over 80 markets worldwide. In 2015, 10,265 people died in a drunk driving accident, one every 51 minutes, and 290,000 were injured in drunk driving crashes. Who is most at risk? Why do people do drink and drive? How do you stop this? These are simply questions and daily concerns of regular citizens. A lot of people think about these questions and so does Budweiser. I believe this ad could speak to anyone from the ages of 18+.  This 2014 ad that I have chosen, gives you many reasons why you should never drink and drive.

Drinking and Driving kills 27 people on an average day in America. Thats every 51 minutes, somebody’s life is taken from them because of a drunk driver. Someone is injured every 120 seconds in a drunk driving incident. One budweiser is equivalent to 5% alcohol. Just one budweiser, is .5 more than the legal BAC. The estimated economic cost of alcohol-impaired-driving crashes in the U.S. is $49.8 billion.

“Friends are waiting” goes against drinking and driving by many ways. It’s the stereotypical American image of a man and his best friend, a dog. The ad portrays a man bringing home a brand new puppy for the first time. Their relationship grows within the next scenes as the man brings the dog out with him and his friends on a summer day. The man and dog playing together in the house with the upbeat and lighthearted music in the background emphasizes their positive friendship. The song is called “I’ll be waiting” and fits perfectly with this ad because that’s exactly what the dog is doing while the owner is out. The man is seen leaving the house to go out and drink with his friends, while his dog waits up for him at home. This is a scene where the friendship could be put in jeopardy because you see the man walking out with a case of Budweiser. The song foreshadows the experiences of the dog when his owner goes out because of the lyrics “I’ll be waiting here for when you come home to me.” You can see that while the man is out, the dog looks very sad because the man has not returned home that night. While the dog is waiting, you can see on his face the sadness, which makes the audience  sympathize with the dog and share his emotional suffering. During this scene, the ad says: “For some, the wait never ends.” When the man returns home the next morning, the dog is so excited to see him and the owner says that he decided to stay the night at his friends because he drank too much. When the owner returns, the ad portrays: “Make it a plan to come home.. Your friends are counting on you”, which is a very powerful message. The message from this ad relates to anyone because the dog could be a parent or friend when you go out. It also utilizes its theme of friendship, responsible thinking, and love for pets to elaborately depict the relationship between the dog and the owner.

The many different symbols in this ad, gives the audience a reason to follow it. One of them being, Budweiser promoting safe drinking. Another reason is the puppy. The puppy catches every audience’s attention because of the relativeness it has. Also the color red is displayed a lot in this Ad, which can relate to Budweiser because of its color on the label. It was seen on the dogs collar, the wall color, and clothes which can trigger viewers to associate the color red to the Budweiser brand. The psychological appeal would be considered as an emotional rollercoaster, especially for people with pets. This ad creates a connection between the viewer, dog and owner. The consumer is able to create feelings and emotion towards what’s happening throughout the advertisement.  

Economically, Budweiser spends on $134 million on advertising each year. In recent years, Budweiser has shown its product in many creative and different ways. They have changed the designs of their cans and grab the viewer’s attention with the ad’s that they produce. Continuing a long tradition of dogs in beer commercials, Budweiser again looks to persuade their audience with a puppy. A well known ad from Budweiser, also had a puppy in it, similar to this one. “Friends are Waiting” has more than 1 million views on youtube and was displayed during the 2014 superbowl. A superbowl commercial during 2014 was $4 Million dollars to be displayed for 30 seconds, a full minute ad goes for $8 Million. The Superbowl has more than 100 Million viewers each year and half of the viewers only watch it for the ads. By Budweiser producing a superbowl commercial, it gives their company more business because of the day that they displayed it. Budweiser has always been known for having the best puppy commercials and this one was displayed during the biggest watched television event.