2017 Caulfield Lecture

Trif Alatzas was this year’s Caulfield Lecture speaker. Trif is a graduate of the Loyola Class of 1988. He talked about his times at Loyola and how he met his wife in his years here, in his talk to students about the changing future of journalism “Big and Small”. Trif is a long time worker of The Baltimore Sun Media Group and now Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for the group. The Baltimore Sun is delivers media to over 1 million households and now has news available at the touch of a smartphone. To Trif this is the evolution of news media, not boring old newspaper. Trif talked a lot about what the Baltimore Sun Media Group is doing to keep up the changing landscape of news media that can fully be attributed to advances and widespread uses of technology. He even showed us a video that was produced by the Sun to show all of the things that they are involved in to keep up with the changing times. In his lecture Trif said that the evolution of news organizations “has let smaller news outlets compete with bigger ones”. The Baltimore Sun is not a nationally read paper but it is very important to its viewers, Baltimoreans and people all around Maryland, because the group strives for trustworthy news and as Trif puts it “tells it how it is”. It was interesting to learn about the evolution of news organizations and how locally read newspapers are just as important as nationally read papers.


My Story


For the “My Story” Project I chose to write about vacations that I had taken over the past year. The first trip I talked about was a trip to Puerto Rico in July 2016. I chose to talk about this trip because it is still relevant in my life but also because it was filled with great memories and pictures that I wanted to share. The second vacation that I talked about was a trip that I took to Disney World for winter break. I went to Disney for New Years and it was a complete mad house. Although there were very large crowds, we still had a great time that was filled childhood memories throughout.

The Blade Runner

Sydney Comber, Megan Fitzgerald, and Chris Piterski


The Blade Runner has been so influential and critically acclaimed in Sci-Fi circles, mostly because it is the first of its kind. Prior to the production of the Blade Runner, no movie had the same production design, dark atmosphere, and special effects as the Blade Runner did. The movie combines a high-tech future with a dirty, anti-utopian, twist which takes place in the year 2019. Many directors have been influenced by the monumental film because of the new tendencies it showed. Directors like James Cameron were very influenced by the movies high-tech vibe, as shown in his Terminator movies. Twenty-five years ago, the Ridley Scott film, Blade Runner, became an instant science fiction classic. The neo-noir masterpiece influenced a generation of filmmakers and video-game designers. The Blade Runner is unmatched and so famous for the director’s ability to make to viewer feel like they are in an environment which they understand.

Throughout the movie, the theme of human identity arises when discussing the different characters. The differences between humans and replicates throughout the movie pose slight differences among what it really means to be human. From the start of the movie, it is portrayed that the replicates seem to be stronger than the real humans. Living with the technology around us while trying to maintain our humanity seems to be a large issue here. Since the replicates do not exhibit any characteristics of emotion or empathy towards others, it can pose the question of how new forms of technology are taking over the world and turning us into human robots. This question is probably even more relevant today due to the upheaval of technology that is continuing to revolutionize the world. For example, cell phone usage has decreased the amount of face to face interaction time humans get now, and has begun to dehumanize society. We are meant to talk and interact with each other, but the increase in technology has led to less and less of this.

“First Date”


For my Advertising Analysis, I chose the 2016 Hyundai Genesis commercial featuring Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is a stand-up comedian, whose career began in 2006 after being rejected a few times before it. Then, in 2011 his career really began to flourish with his Laugh at My Pain tour. This tour encompassed almost 90 cities and made $15 million dollars, making it one of 2011’s most successful comedy tours. Along with this successful tour, Hart has also been involved in sit-coms, created a few of his own albums, and made appearances in movies.

Since Hart is such a comedic person it’s no wonder why companies, such as Hyundai, would want to use him in one of their commercials. This commercial was aired during Super Bowl 50 and is about a father, Kevin Hart, allowing his daughter’s boyfriend to take his new car out on their date. Throughout the date, Hart is able to follow them wherever they go due to a tracking device within the vehicle. Hart is viewed as the stereotypical father being “over-protective” of their daughters, but the storyline adds humor to the commercial. A majority of Super Bowl commercials use humor because it draws the attention of the viewer. Humor is used to make the viewer feel good, laugh, and make the commercial more memorable. Not only is humor a key aspect to drawing more attention, but so is the use of a celebrity. When we see a famous person endorse a product or service it makes us want to use it as well, and also makes it more appealing. Here is the Super Bowl 50 ad:

In this ad, Hyundai wants to symbolize how the 2016 Genesis can fit into your life. The commercial shows most profiles of the car as well as it fitting in with a beautiful home, which is occupied by the actress, the daughter, and comedian Kevin Hart. The Hyundai Genesis arrived in dealerships in 2008, with the 2009 edition. The commercial is trying to show how Hyundai, as most people know make affordable cars, but also how they make a luxury Sedan. Kevin Hart lets his daughter use his 2016 Genesis on her first date so that he can use the cars new feature “Car Finder”. Hyundai is also trying to show how the 2016 Hyundai Genesis is a family car and a car for people of most ages because of its cool look. This can be shown in how Kevin Harts “daughters” date is very willing to take the car on their night out. The song choice for this ad is catchy and very well-known so it will catch the attention of the viewer.

Hyundai/Kia ran many ads in this Super Bowl, two of which were 60-second spots. For Kia, it was the “Walken Closet” commercial. At $5 million per unit, that is $20 million. On Hyundai’s “First Date” ad you can see that a lot of money went into the production of the commercial, they even used a helicopter in one of the scenes. Hyundai’s United States division also signed a deal with the NFL last year giving the company the rights to use NFL logos in its advertising and on its cars. The deal with the National Football League cost $50 million dollars for the company. According to Kelley Blue Book, searches on its website for the Hyundai Genesis rose 400% and for the Hyundai Elantra 110%. Searches on the Hyundai brand were up 18% proceeding the commercials. In the 2015 – 2016 year, Hyundai spent $496 million dollars on advertising.

Hyundai wants the viewer to see a few things in this advertisement. At first, they are trying to keep viewers engaged by the companies song choice.  Another One Bites the Dust by Queen is a very famous and highly decorated song that most viewers of the Super Bowl would know. There is a bit of sexual appeal throughout the advertisement while the two actors are on their date. One scene shows them in the 2016 Hyundai Genesis about to kiss but the dad, Kevin Hart, shows up in a helicopter, yelling at the young man. With Kevin Harts humor and a good looking cast for this advertisement, it is sure to keep the viewer engaged throughout the entire commercial. Other than casting, the car speaks for itself. It is not your regular Hyundai.  It is a very luxurious and good looking car. The advertisement shows many aspects of the car like its front, back, and side profiles, as well as its spacious interior.






One Nation, One President

As divided as the United States may be right now, we still are one nation. One nation with one president. President Trump is your president whether you agree or not and that is the beauty of democracy. In an era of great upheaval throughout the United States, I think that it is time or unity amongst all of its citizens. We are not able to change the course of recent events by protesting (violently) or rioting, things that only make matters worse and further separate.

We need to accept our new president, and the choices he makes because in the end we can not do anything to change it. President Trump obviously has his own plans and his vision to what a “Great America” is. Some of these plans include building a wall, defeating ISIS as a whole, and repealing Obama-Care. I do not agree with everything that President Trump plans to do but as the President of the United States, we need to be respectful towards him and give him the benefit of the doubt. I do not think that the new President is either a Democrat nor Republican, but a Trumpist. This meaning that he has his own plans to what he thinks is right and doesn’t care about any opposition. Who knows maybe good will come out of this because this is new to all of us, and frankly we are not sure what the future holds.