By Kate Mazza, Julia Mulry, Regina McCormick

Twitter has enhanced the senses of vision and hearing. It has increased the pace of how people encode information. It has also quickened the reception of news regarding current events, celebrities, and other public figures. Rather than picking up a newspaper, Twitter allows people to easily access information in a matter of moments by scrolling through their phone. It has also changed outdated media platforms including MySpace, Tumblr, and even Facebook. It allows users to post short, concise statuses, eliminating the need for long updates and statuses as seen on media such as Facebook. It is used by average social media goers, celebrities, political figures, and businesses. It allows marketers and advertisers to put out information in easily noticeable and simple messages. Twitter has ultimately contributed to the way today’s culture is much more quick-paced and impatient. Along with smartphones, Twitter has become a form of social media which allows users to access information, news, entertainment, and personal information instantaneously.