2017 Caulfield Lecture

Megan and Sydney

The 2017 Caulfield Lecture by Trif Alatzas provided insight in his discussion about the future of journalism. Thanks to the changes in technology, journalism is in the process of undergoing a change that will help small organizations such as his, the Baltimore Sun Media Group, compete with its much bigger counter parts. Journalism has a large influence over each and every one of us whether we know it or not, consisting of television, internet, social media, etc. Since the industry is currently changing its print production to more digital methods, journalists have had to take action in conforming to these advancements. The Baltimore Sun Media Group covers all types of stories such as sports, local issues, local events, and so on. These stories reach thousands of readers and touch the lives of so many due to the instantaneous ability access these publications on the internet. The immediacy of the new industry is allowing so many to embrace the journalist world in different ways than before, and we consume media more than we ever have today. This lecture was a great learning experience and opened our eyes to how the future of journalism can have such an impact on society, big and small.


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