2017 Caulfield Lecture

Trif Alatzas was this year’s Caulfield Lecture speaker. Trif is a graduate of the Loyola Class of 1988. He talked about his times at Loyola and how he met his wife in his years here, in his talk to students about the changing future of journalism “Big and Small”. Trif is a long time worker of The Baltimore Sun Media Group and now Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for the group. The Baltimore Sun is delivers media to over 1 million households and now has news available at the touch of a smartphone. To Trif this is the evolution of news media, not boring old newspaper. Trif talked a lot about what the Baltimore Sun Media Group is doing to keep up the changing landscape of news media that can fully be attributed to advances and widespread uses of technology. He even showed us a video that was produced by the Sun to show all of the things that they are involved in to keep up with the changing times. In his lecture Trif said that the evolution of news organizations “has let smaller news outlets compete with bigger ones”. The Baltimore Sun is not a nationally read paper but it is very important to its viewers, Baltimoreans and people all around Maryland, because the group strives for trustworthy news and as Trif puts it “tells it how it is”. It was interesting to learn about the evolution of news organizations and how locally read newspapers are just as important as nationally read papers.


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