The 2017 Caulfield Lecture by Aaron Petit

Today I had gone to the McGuire Hall Lecture which talked about “The Future of Journalism Big and Small”. The lecture was held speaker Trif Alazas who is the publisher and editor in chief of The Baltimore Sun Media Group. He is an award winning editor and has been for the last 27 years and it was very informative on what he had to say. He was also part of the Loyola graduating class of 1988 and had started his internships while he was a student here at Loyola. After talking about what inspired him to become a news publisher and editor, he than began to talk about how media around us changes and what companies have to do to be successful in that change. He said that although we think that news is only newly changing, news companies have always been adapting to the new technology that springs up constantly. Whether it be the radio, television, or mobile phones, news companies and companies in general must adapt to these new forms of technology if they want to stay in the business. Mr. Alazas also began to talk about that although physical newspapers are dying, the news is far from it. Millions upon millions of news articles (especially from the Baltimore Sun) are read from countless people’s mobile devices and computers. It was interesting hearing about how news companies have been constantly evolving and that the Baltimore Sun adapts very quickly to this change. Throughout his presentations, slides of photographers photos were shown showing how engaging TV journalism can be and that you can meet a variety of different people. It was a very engaging and great learning experience.


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