Loorie Moore’s Lecture by Julia Mulry, Kate Mazza, and Holly Lloyd

We attended Loorie Moore’s lecture in order to learn more about her and her field of work.  As a renowned author and educator, we were especially interested to gain insight on her intelligence and experience.  Her introduction was nothing short of exceptional, sighting her countless accomplishments and providing us with a general idea of who Moore is.  Understanding just how powerful her writing was to other people in the world of academia showed her stature, as she was described to be hyperconscious – aware of language in a way that most were not.  However, it was not until Moore took the stand that I could understand just how dynamic and impressive her way with words could be transferred onto those who read or listened to her.  She told us how she was teaching comedic narrative this semester in an attempt to decipher why a book is, in fact, funny.  Though they did not come to many definitive conclusions, the class did concur that comedy is about incongruity.  This, she told us, was captured perfectly in marriage, a funny event in itself.  After this, she read us a riveting story that apprehended the essence of her message, describing a wedding she attended with her daughter.  Her compelling, yet comical, vocabulary and calming voice made it an easy listen.  We were happy to be able to hear her short story and appreciate her narratives.  


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