Web/Newspaper Journalism

Kat Fletcher, Harri Roth, and Julia Mulroy

  1. This book focuses on newspaper journalism and its relevance to the technological world we live in today.


2. This article describes in detail what web journalism is, and how the new medium is important in journalism’s changing field.



3. This article gives a large amount of background article about newspaper journalism and its function, earning, and responsibilities of the job.



4. This source talks about the deep rooted past of newspaper journalism and how it has grown into what it is today in modern times. In talks about it’s battle with modern forms of media like web journalism and how newspaper journalism has taken a dip in popularity in recent years.


5. This source talks about the advantages that online journalism has over that of traditional newspaper journalism. It also discusses how on line journalism has affected our daily modern lives.


6. This website discusses indepth how the intrnet has changed journalism and how journalism has evolved over the recent years.


7. http://www.journalism.org/2016/06/15/state-of-the-news-media-2016/



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