Dan Bilzerian and Corinne Olympios

By Holly Lloyd

Although these two are people that not everybody has probably heard of, their social media presence holds a huge impact on teenagers and young adults of this century. The text book essay goes into great detail about the use of celebrities by specific companies, to reach out to specific communities and draw their attention toward their product/message. Companies pay and hire these people according to there social media presence. All celebrities have a different aspect and way that they reach out to specific communities and people. Other people for instance, like Dan Bilzerian, are not too concerned about the people they reach out to, yet are just putting their life on display. As they do this though, people who follow them still attempt in living a life like they do . Dan Bilzerian and Corinne Olympios are two people who reach out specifically to a very similar audience. Bilzerian is more putting his life on display, while Olympios uses her TV fame to now be a public figure and hired by companies to promote their products.


Bilzerian simply became popular because of his wealth, and how he lives the “perfect life” that anyone in the world may want to live. His life specifically reaches out to young men who aspire to live the life Bilzerian does. His posts simply explain the life he lives and make it easy to understand why anybody would want to live his life. He is known as one of the wealthiest people in the world, and is simply a celebrity because of his wealth and social media.IMG_1364.PNG.png


Bilzerian simply promotes the rich American life that anyone would aspire to have. Posting pictures in his rich house with tons of girls all over him make young men only dream to live like Bilzerian. He posts about “being able to do whatever he wants because he is rich. Guns, cars, girls, planes, champagne, what could be better? He talks about when he gets bored with his life, because he doesn’t work, that he just heads to somewhere else around the world because wherever he was at that time was not good enough.


Although some people may think that Bilzerian is absurd, he showcases himself on social media purposely in that way. Bilzerian is so popular that he most recently even had a song written about him by T-Pain, with the most famous lyrics,

“I get 10 Brazilians like I’m Dan Bilzerian
Bitch I’m rich as f***, bitch I’m rich as f***
Them ho** can sick a duck, bit**** sick a duck
I can pull up on you with a million bucks
Bi*** I’m with the squad, we got a million trucks”

Very famous Corinne Olympios from the Bachelor, got immediately popular for her absurd performance on the show with crazy actions and hilarious comments. She basically got popular from her stupidity. Although this is why people like her, she embraces it and is making hundreds of thousands of dollars because of it. She advertises her own stupidity and comment from the show on her own instagram, and is interviewed by the most popular talk show hosts in the nation. She has been hired by a few companies to promote their products on her social media because of all of the attention that she has been generating by the young population of not only just teenage girls but adults and men as well. One of the most popular things talked about Corinne is how her hair was always perfectly curled. As you could guess, shortly after the show she was advertising for a hair product company. IMG_1366.PNG.png

She generates coupons for people that purchase the products that she promotes and is causing the young generation to quickly follow her and the things that she does. People love Corrine because of the way she carries herself and how she loves all of her fans and the people that loved watching her on the show. She has recently been interviewed by Michael Strahan, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and many others because she is causing this social uproar. IMG_1367.PNG.png

Over my time of following these celebrities, they have surprised me with all of the attention they cause. Between the two of them, there are 22,039,000 followers, and none of people who enjoy watching the lives of these two celebrities and public figures.


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