Celebrity Assignment

Elisabeth Lutz & Kat Fletcher

The essay from the textbook discusses how celebrities play a role in successful advertising for companies. Public figures in media serve a specific purpose and are supposed to have a specific impact. First of all, companies hire specific celebrities to represent their product because this person is well known. Therefore, audiences can identify with and relate to this specific person. The celebrities that are portrayed in the media can often be seen as role models depending on their social media activity. Celebrities are often well known before they are seen in a tv commercial or advertisement. This goes back to prove that big companies are hiring familiar faces because their ads are likely to receive more viewers if the person in the ad is famous prior to being in the ad.

We chose to evaluate the social media presence of Sophia Bush and Chrissy Teigen. Each of these celebrities uses social media in quite different ways. To start, Sophia Bush’s social media presence is extremely impactful and significant. Many celebrities use social media as an outlet to show off their lavish lifestyle, but Sophia Bush’s outlook on social media is drastically different. Sophia uses Twitter and Instagram to post about social issues that she is passionate about. She is trying to use her social media as a means to raise awareness towards issues that happen in our country each and every day. She is fighting for the rights of all people and is speaking her mind. Sophia Bush is against Donald Trump because she thinks the things he’s doing are an injustice to certain groups of people in our country. For example, she is against the idea of eradicating planned parenthood and posted a photo to raise awareness and stand by those who are going to be affected by this change. IMG_0623.PNG

Sophia supports the equality of all people. She recently posted this picture below for International Transgender Day. Transgenders often feel alone in this world because they are different than others. In this case, Sophia is using her Instagram to spread love to these people and show them that they are supported and loved.


Much of Sophia’s Instagram consists of positive messages of love like these ones. Her Twitter is very similar. She doesn’t post about petty topics such as her hair and makeup, nor does she dwell on her follower ratio. Instead, she tweets about issues she is passionate about. Her profile picture on Twitter is #StandWithPP. Once again, this shows she is not self absorbed with how she displays her appearance on social media but she instead portrays the important messages. Sophia Bush retweets material from others who share the same views as she does. She is very adamant about women’s rights, fighting against Donald Trump, and equality for all.

Sophia bush is also the star of Chicago PD and often tweets about her show. She loves all her fans and always reaches out to them and replies to their tweets. She is always trying to please her fans because she appreciates how devoted they are to her.IMG_0625.PNG

Chrissy Teigan on the other hand mainly uses social media platforms such as twitter and Instagram for sharing her personal life and promoting herself. The vast majority of Chrissy’s posts include pictures of her, her Husband John Legend (famous singer), and their daughter Luna. In addition to these personal posts Chrissy also posts advertisements for brands such as Smirnoff and Spike’s Lip Sync Battle that Chrissy appears on.

Before her overwhelming social media presence, Chrissy was a sports illustrated model that dated a little know singer who now is widely know around the world. You can argue that Chrissy’s and maybe even John’s success stems from Chrissy’s presence on twitter. With 4.5 million followers on twitter alone she captivates the twitter sphere with funny and sarcastic comments about things that people have said about her directly or just about life in general. Her social media presence got her noticed and now she is turning that presence in to a marketing tool for herself and the brands that she promotes.


Although there are obviously negative aspects of social media, it does allow for celebrities to connect with their fans. Social media allows celebrities to post content that is important to them. It allows fans to see celebrities for who they are and connect with them based on their interests. Chrissy Teigen and Sophia Bush utilize social media in different ways, but are still able to communicate with their fans just the same.


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