Translating Advertising Assignment

Sydney, Chris, Megan


One of the first main points of the essay suggests that consumer behavior and the way humans communicate with each other depend on cultural values.  Each country has their own culture and set of values and beliefs meaning there is no universal culture in the world.  Because each country has their own values, advertising is composed and read differently depending on those values. As a result, without understanding how a culture operates it is difficult to translate a commercial.   

This commercial translates well to the to the American culture. The beliefs and values of most individuals revolves around forming meaningful relationships with one another. The two main characters form their relationship over a McDonalds product, and it makes the commercial relatable cross cultures. In the commercial, the Indian language is spoken, as well as the English language. It allows both cultures to understand the message of the ad.

Although this comerical could have translated into English and would have been just fine but that is not always the case. All over the world words that might be the same, dont always have the same meaning. For example, a UK commercial for Bacardi Breezer in spring 2002 was also aired in the Netherlands. It included a reference to a tomcat. The word for tomcat (kater) in the Netherlands also means ‘hangover’. In addition, the tomcat in the advert is asked whether he has been chasing birds, in English. In advertising the meaning is in the message, not always in the words chosen


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