Translating Advertisement Assignment

By: Regina McCormick, Holly Lloyd


This commercial uses “global advertising” techniques because it shows the different cultures that uses the Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone is known for being a ‘smart’ phone and has many ways to translate into different languages. It also brings many benefits to different cultures because of the use of its different languages and the advantages of learning about the different cultures.

The three main points of the essay is 1. New Technology has a big impact, 2. Language is very influential and 3. People’s desires. New technology leads to changes in some aspects of the politics and democratic countries, notably political campaigning and fundraising. New media also effects the way in which public opinion is formed. A lot of people today use twitter as a media source to communicate their political voice and opinions. The growing popularity of online media in the long run, established democracies that are largely responsible for the decline in the readership and profitability of newspapers. The rise of radio and television also brought a new justification for governments to play an active role in overseeing the media. Language is very influential to advertising because different languages will obviously attract different people according to their language that they speak. People’s desires are heavily influenced through advertisements because it catches the audiences attention. For example, people subscribe to newspaper and magazines for the informative and entertaining content they provide. In addition, when advertisers buy space in newspapers or magazines, they are buying the readers’ attention.



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