My Story: A Weekend in Paris

By: Thomas DiMarco

My “My Story” project covers the time when I went to Paris for a few days with some people from my high school class.  I chose this topic because, while at first I wanted to write something not relating to myself, I realized that this event was much more personal to me.  Because it was an event that I experienced, I would be able to go more into detail about the emotions I had while on the trip when reflecting on it.  It was an entirely new experience for me and so my time there has resonated, even years after going.

The most difficult part of the project was finding what parts of my time in Paris to talk about and how to make those events not sound generic and boring.

My favorite part, and the part that I am most proud, of this project was the editing of the sound files, photos, and videos.  I enjoyed using a visual and audio template to make a video.  Editing those sound and visual files to work well together gave me the option to create a video that could better keep the audience’s attention and better represent what story I was trying to tell.



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