Advertising Translation Assignment

By: Omar, Hari, Kate, and Julia

The three main points of advertising and its translations in different countries are that advertising is an aspect of culture, its influenced by language, and a human’s wants and needs affects it as well. In the commercial we chose, it showed how advertising is a part of culture because in both of the commercials it highlights the “big brother love-hate” relationship. Even in two completely different cultures, it is still clear that the relationship is still relatable and cute. Our commercial also is influenced by more body language than the oral language; the body language really emphasizes the love-hate relationship in the scenes with the two brothers. The commercial was made to make you feel this relatable relationship between the brothers every time you would drink a Coca Cola, which also plays into the human wants and needs. Humans want to be loved by others and the easiest way is mainly through family relations, and what better way to achieve that than by drinking a nice refreshing Coca Cola.


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