My Story Project

I chose to do my project on a trip I took with my family. During the last weekend of spring break, we went to Richmond, Virginia to see my brother compete in the Jefferson Cup, which is a soccer tournament. I chose this event because it was a fun time my family spent away from home. Although it doesn’t seem like much of a vacation, going to soccer tournaments is something that my family enjoys to do. My younger brother plays for a very competitive soccer club and it was enjoyable watching his team compete. The team won first place in the top bracket of the tournament, making them the #2 team in the state of Pennsylvania. The weekend was very enjoyable and I am extremely proud of my brother, so I decided to share this experience with the class.

I found this project to be very useful because it taught me how to successfully use iMovie. I had a little bit of trouble with the audio and uploading it to YouTube, but now I know how to do these things in the future. This project was very helpful to me and aided my technological skills.

The song I used in the background of my video is ‘I’m Born to Run’ by American Authors.



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