My Story


To ease my transition into college, I decided to go on an outdoor adventure experience trip (OAE).  I did not have backpacking as my first choice; however, I still wanted to go the trip because I wanted to leave early, meet new people, and go on an adventure.  It was hard going on a trip without knowing anybody because we had to share tents and keep an eye out for people we hardly knew before coming to college.  We started the trip on the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania and ended the trip in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  In total, we backpacked over 42 miles in a little over 5 days.  I never thought I could accomplish that feat, let alone with a group of strangers I had never known in the previous 4 days. I meet a fantastic group of people, most of which I am still friends with today.  I also learned more about the outdoors: how to set up and pitch a tent, how to filter water, and how to cook on a small camper stove.  Overall, I could push past my personal boundaries and ease my transition into the next four years of my life.

I thought the hardest part about the video project was recording the audio because I wanted to make sure it was fluent and that the audience could hear it.  It took me more than five tries to achieve the desired effect.  I am most proud of the videos and pictures that I trimmed and fit into the video because they show an accurate representation of my trip.  After hearing feedback about my initial draft of the video, I had to add a credit slide, make the first slide longer (so people knew it was a backing video), and trim the audio at the end to make sure it was more clear.


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