My Story Assignment

Mike Filardi

My Story video is about my experience with the college process when I was in high school. Back then I felt overwhelmed by all of the essays I needed to write, applications I needed to fill out, and information I needed to remember. In this video, I only focus on one aspect of the experience, the SAT test, and go into detail about how my feelings about it changed. I think that this topic was worth using for this assignment because it reveals an area in which I should improve. I didn’t take the SAT test seriously enough, and my procrastination showed in my grade. Further, despite the fact that I saw my grade rise after taking the test again (without procrastinating over studying), I still went back to the way I was when it came time to do the next steps of the college process. Creating this video has made it clear to me how necessary it is to remind myself of the ways I can improve. By understanding my weaknesses more clearly, I can figure out the best way to go about making those improvements.


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