My Story Assignment Aaron Petit

For my My Story Assignment I’m talking about my trip to the Bahamas Atlantis Paradise island which I went to over the summer. Most of the pictures in the video are pictures I took there using my fathers camera and the rest images of the resort. I recorded my voice using my phone and uploaded the audio file to Adobe Premiere Pro. The same I did with the music and pictures themselves. This was my first time using Adobe Premiere Pro and because I don’t own a mac I could not use iMovie. It took me awhile to figure out the program and once I figured that out the rest was a matter of formatting and uploads. Talking back about my trip to the Bahamas, it truly was a spectacular experience and one I’ll never forget. The only other country I’ve been to other then the Bahamas is Ireland but the Bahamas felt like Florida but kicked up a notch. Instead of damp and rainy weather some or even most days, the Bahamas was always warm and I always had something to do. It was also very educational because of the aquariums throughout the resort. Many of the fish there I saw first hand and some I had never seen before. Although I had some technical troubles at first making the video, I enjoyed making my My Story Project on an incredible experience that I had during the summer.


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