The Kardashian Fan Community

Megan Fitzgerald, Sydney Comber, Chris Piterski


The Kardashian fan community was slowly established over the course of the few years, and they became popular after their show Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired in 2007. Each Kardashian has developed their own source of fame as a result of the show, and they all have a slightly different method of their source of wealth. Whether its from the TV shows, their product lines, their apps (snapchat, twitter), social media or their fitness, Kardashians have built themselves into a million dollar family.  People buy their clothes and perfume, consumer their brand of diet pills, and read their books send a clear message to companies that reality TV attracts fans and brings in large quantities of money. The fan community itself has expanded tremendously, and now with their fame coming from countless different sources, the community has extended in areas that are unimaginable.

The fans of the Kardashians function similar to a religion in methods of worship and imitation. All of the different Kardashians or Jenner sisters have their own reputation for achieving something different, but all come together as a whole as a family to “look up to” and “strive to be”.

The Kardashian’s fanbase follow them religiously and research and follow everything about the Kardashian family.  The Kardashians are a family, but more importantly a business.  “At the core, the Kardashians are an incredibly bonded, loving, large family, who live an incredibly large life” said E! president Suzanne Kolb.  If one were to delve deeper into the history of television, there are a large number of families who essentially have the same dynamic and can relate to their family.  For the Kardashians a family with “no talent” as some people would say, people follow them for their over the top lifestyle.  The fans aspire their lavish lifestyle combined with the basic plotline that conveys the all-American values of a tight-knit family.  Similarly to religion, people aspire to be part of a larger than life community one with values that embody their family situation that they do or do not have in their own homes.




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