The ‘Belieber’ Fan Community

Elisabeth Lutz, Kat Fletcher, Holly Lloyd

Justin Bieber is a music icon that has been popular within American society since 2008 when he was discovered by Scooter Braun. Prior to being discovered, Justin Bieber would post videos of himself on YouTube singing covers of popular songs. After his talent was exposed to the world, Justin began gaining a large fan base that has continued to grow throughout his career in music. His fans are referred to as ‘Beliebers’, aka believing in Bieber.


Justin Biebers movie “Never Say Never” sparked a huge uproar with his beliebers. It caused even more people to become a part of the belieber community, and try and grab Justin’s attention.

In some aspects, being a Belieber goes hand in hand with practicing religion. Beliebers are very devoted to Justin Bieber, in the same way religious people are devoted to their higher power. For example, when Justin Bieber is expected to release a new album, Beliebers are likely to search for more information about that album. This coincides with religion because religious people are always seeking the truth about the higher power they put their faith in. Also, Beliebers go and see Justin Bieber in concert just to be with him in the same way religious people go to church in order to be with God. Beliebers are even said to defend Justin Bieber to other people. This relates to religion because religious people defend God and their beliefs to those who don’t necessarily agree with them. Beliebers often get upset when they miss a concert or an event related to Justin Bieber and religious people don’t like to miss church because it is a time of worship. As pictured below, it is likely for Beliebers to get emotional about Justin Bieber because he is someone they care so much about. This shows their faith in his music and their devotion to him, which are themes similar to religion.


Being a belieber has gone further than just being devoted. Beliebers have gone to extreme measures to get the attention of Justin Bieber, by even hurting themselves in attempt for them to notice him. This continues on also to jumping on the car he arrives at concerts in, and other illegal things just to get attention.

How does one become a Belieber? The Justin Bieber fan page can be found on Here you can interact with all of the other Beliebers, look at exclusive content of Justin, and even purchase Justin merchandise from his purpose tour. This fan site can be equated to a church in the sense that its members spend their time and money here. The members can interact with one another on a regular basis by posting their opinions and commenting on each other’s posts about Justin. Justin Bieber’s fan base is like a religion because it shares the core values of faith, devotion, belief, and practice. The Belieber community is a way for fans of Justin Bieber to come together and share their love for him, just like religious people do towards God in a church.



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