The Blade Runner

Sydney Comber, Megan Fitzgerald, and Chris Piterski


The Blade Runner has been so influential and critically acclaimed in Sci-Fi circles, mostly because it is the first of its kind. Prior to the production of the Blade Runner, no movie had the same production design, dark atmosphere, and special effects as the Blade Runner did. The movie combines a high-tech future with a dirty, anti-utopian, twist which takes place in the year 2019. Many directors have been influenced by the monumental film because of the new tendencies it showed. Directors like James Cameron were very influenced by the movies high-tech vibe, as shown in his Terminator movies. Twenty-five years ago, the Ridley Scott film, Blade Runner, became an instant science fiction classic. The neo-noir masterpiece influenced a generation of filmmakers and video-game designers. The Blade Runner is unmatched and so famous for the director’s ability to make to viewer feel like they are in an environment which they understand.

Throughout the movie, the theme of human identity arises when discussing the different characters. The differences between humans and replicates throughout the movie pose slight differences among what it really means to be human. From the start of the movie, it is portrayed that the replicates seem to be stronger than the real humans. Living with the technology around us while trying to maintain our humanity seems to be a large issue here. Since the replicates do not exhibit any characteristics of emotion or empathy towards others, it can pose the question of how new forms of technology are taking over the world and turning us into human robots. This question is probably even more relevant today due to the upheaval of technology that is continuing to revolutionize the world. For example, cell phone usage has decreased the amount of face to face interaction time humans get now, and has begun to dehumanize society. We are meant to talk and interact with each other, but the increase in technology has led to less and less of this.


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