Net Neutrality and President Obama’s Plan

Regina McCormick, Kate Mazza, Julia Mulry, Hari Roth

Throughout modern times there have been a number of controversies and discussions that have come directly as a result of modern forms of technology and communications. Many controversies today come from arguments over censorship and what should and shouldn’t be allowed on television, the internet, or video games. Among these controversies one of the most famous recent one’s includes net neutrality. Net neutrality is a battle between Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and almost the rest of the world including President Obama and most internet using citizens. It is a battle that arises from the fact the man ISP’s want to provide data for the internet differently, while the idea of net neutrality, and specifically President Obama’s is that there is no blocking of data, no throttling of internet speeds, no paid prioritization, and there will be increased transparency between customers and ISP’s. This policy has been fought for by President Obama and his administration by filing a plan to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to put into place against the popular ISP’s in America. These proposed policies were eventually approved by the FCC and were put into place in 2015.


Without even knowing it, this decision impacts many Americans in many ways. It will not change their everyday internet usage in a substantial way but it will provide a more equal and safe internet experience for all users and stop large companies from taking away many aspects of the internet from consumers. However, despite the progress made with net neutrality under President Obama the laws enforced by the FCC may be repealed or adversely affected with the election of President Trump. Trump’s new chair of the FCC, Ajit Pai, strongly disagrees with Obama’s plan of net neutrality and does not think the internet should be regulated like a utility. This new appointment does not bode well at all for the previous idea of net neutrality and the future should be very interested in regards to this argument. However, despite this Obama’s first acts passed by the FCC should serve as a somewhat strong basis and great set of initial rules despite whatever the future holds.







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