Blade Runner

A common theme throughout the film Blade Runner is the distinction between what is truly human and what is a replicant. During this film, the main character must kill off the bioengineered human replicants due to the fact they are not allowed to be on earth. These replicants are stronger and equally, if not more intelligent than humans are. Their existence on earth became illegal and therefore, they are killed off whenever they arrive on earth. The only problem is that it is hard to tell who is human versus who is a replicant. This is why the interrogation process used within the movie is an especially useful way to determine whether or not somebody is truly human.

An appropriate question to ask while viewing this film is, “What is human?”. Based on the plot of the film, it is easy to conclude that humans are considered to be beings that show appropriate emotional responses based on the material presented to them. When somebody who is thought to be a replicant is questioned during the movie, the questions used in the interrogation are purposeful. The person asking the questions is looking for a specific emotional response that reveals the true identity of that said person. I personally relate this to having a heart and a soul. Somebody who is truly human will most likely respond to these questions with real emotions because their heart and soul allows them to do that. But a replicant lacks a heart and a soul, therefore answering the questions without any real emotional response being triggered. This is why the interrogation process is so necessary and useful.

I think this question will always be relevant no matter when it is asked. If somebody is asked, “What makes you human?”, they would be able to come up with a list of characteristics that an individual may possess that would allow them to be labeled as a human. For example, a human has a heart, soul, conscience, personality, etc. A human is not some bioengineered robot, but somebody with unique traits and feelings. No human is programmed the same and therefore it is quite simple to distinguish between what is human and what is not.


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