Tiffany’s HardWear: inspired by Fierce Femininity Ft. Lady Gaga

By Kate Mazza

Lady Gaga becomes the spokesperson for the new Tiffany collection HardWear during the 2017 Super bowl commercial.

During the 2017 games, Tiffany & Co. aired its Super Bowl commercial, starring Lady Gaga, to launch the new Spring collection Tiffany HardWear. The Super Bowl halftime performer, Lady Gaga, caught the attention of many viewers with her authentic performance. In the same way, she caught the attention of consumers through her unscripted, personal message advocating rebellion, creativity, and of course Tiffany’s.

Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has taken the reputation as the leading jewelry company and has redefined glamour and style around the world. To gain this reputation, Tiffany’s has separated themselves from the competition of other markets, along with building their marketing technique. Tiffany has kept on top of the market by catering to the demands of the market and times. For example, when the company began its branding it included “stationary and fancy goods emporium”; however, the name and main product (jewelry) were manifested as the company began to read the market carefully by 1853.  Along with managing the market, Tiffany & Co. has created a reputation of providing quality products and has created a name well-known by many. This is demonstrated through the high prices they put on their products, to prove that they are selling high quality jewelry. In their 2017 commercial, Lady Gaga confirms this quality reputation Tiffany & Co. has made for itself. She speaks of her own experience as a New Yorker, and how, “you are born knowing that Tiffany’s is the best.”


Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany (pictured above) was said to have had an abiding passion for beautiful diamonds in the world.

Along with Tiffany’s, Lady Gaga has created her own reputation among the millennials. Gaga is well-known for being a rebel and for her endless, over-the-top creativity and style. She is an active advocate for feminism and individuality. With these well-recognized facts about the artist, she is a perfect celebrity advocate for the 2017 Spring Tiffany & Co. campaign HardWear. HardWear which is fiercely feminine and captures spontaneity and creative spirit the same way Gaga and New York City do.

In the 60 second commercial that aired during the games, there were several different features which may influence consumers feelings and desires. The primary factor was Lady Gaga as the main voice during the commercial. She symbolizes and emphasizes the way Tiffany’s wants consumers to view and feel about their new spring collection. Gaga symbolizes HardWear and Tiffany’s through her authenticity and ever-changing creativity. Consumers will want the new spring line because of Lady Gaga advocating its power and edge.

Along with celebrity advocacy, Tiffany’s creates a personal and relatable emotional sense during the commercial. This effect is given through a black & white filter and through close-up, intimate camera angles. Lady Gaga talked about her personal experience as a New Yorker and as growing up knowing the Tiffany’s experience. She describes the feelings that transpire once you peer into the windows of the famous Tiffany’s location in Manhattan. These feelings may be related to consumer feelings or memories, emotionally encouraging their demand for the new products. This commercial overall stresses the techniques and importance of corporate credibility and celebrity spokespersons. A celebrity or company’s reputation may easily influence a consumers response and attitude.

The commercial also generates emotional desire or the need to be “Beautiful”. Lady Gaga speaks about her personal experience as a rebel and her unfulfilling need for change. She emphasizes the importance of power, change, and “challenging the status quo”. She stresses the importance of the empowerment that accompanies being creative. These personal words create a sense of flattery and femininity that consumers may want to imitate. It may also lead consumers to believe they will achieve this femininity and individual power through wearing the new HardWear collection.Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 8.19.41 PM.png

Lady Gaga models the new Tiffany’s HardWear collection.

Tiffany & Co. exhibits their strong marketing through their commercial techniques and spokesperson choices. Aimed at women, Tiffany’s advertising and name is well-known by many consumers in the American population. With the growing need for strong women in 2017, Tiffany’s creates a powerful message behind their campaign for fierce femininity in the Spring HardWear collection.




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