Honda Yearbook Commercial

The ad features celebrities such as Amy Adams, Viola Davis, Magic Johnson, Stan lee, Robert Redford, Jimmy kimmel and many others.  The celebrities portray yearbook versions of themselves, done through the use of vintage photographs and 3D scans.  The celebrities tie in with Honda’s tag line “the power of dreams”.  The ad used the various celebrities before they were famous in order to show that dreams are indeed possible, and it starts out with an average everyday person.  The ad ends with the promotion of the brand new Honda CRV crossover.   

The 2017 Honda Super bowl commercial stood out because they did not market the car, but they marketed their new slogan “the power of dreams”.  In essence, they did not even need to market the car because it is already one of their best selling cars.  In a series of television and commercials Honda is using longer (some even 2 minutes long) ads in order to portray the range of its products and the credibility as an innovator. In an interview one of Honda’s brand managers says, “ We want people to say when I buy into Honda, I’m buying into a bigger concept, an idea about what the company stands for and how they go about business.

The pictures in the yearbook symbolize where it all began, before they became famous.  Also, near the end of the video, the ad shows the first ever CR-V (in black and white) and then shows the new CRV.  They do this because like the celebrities, they want to show where they started and where they are now.

The commercial does not really have a target audience, but it probably attracts the younger generation because they show the year book photos of the celebrities in high school.  The company wanted to make clear that even though these celebrities are famous, one must dream big even as a teenager.  Even though it does this, the universal message in the ad extends to people of all ages and even all races. The idea of the “power of dreams” comes from the Honda founder Soichira Honda, who fought many obstacles in building and making Honda one of the most successful brands.  Honda, like many people today, has faced it’s challenges, but they have the “spirit of never giving up on their dreams”.

Soichira Honda was a wanderer and a dreamer, he had all these great ideas, but hardly stuck to one for more than a couple of months.  He drifted from job to job, and he eventually purchased a factory, where he started to make motor cycles.  He eventually sold all of those and went to making cars, and it wasn’t until the 1960’s they started to sell in the united states.   The Honda civic quickly became one of the most popular cars in the United States and put the Honda brand on the map.  Now Honda competes with some of the biggest car firms in the United States.  In order to compete with other large companies, they need to spend money on advertising, particularly commercials.  The new Honda commercials (power of dreams ads), cost around $600,000 during regular season NFL games, but cost more during the Super bowl. The longer ads cost Honda more money, but in the long run they feel as it will pay off because people will remember and make them want to be a part of something bigger. 





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