“Friends Are Waiting” by: Budweiser


  Budweiser’s t.v. commercial “Friends are waiting” shows how you can drink responsibly when you go out. The video above uses many emotional aspects and symbolism to catch the audience’s attention on drinking and driving. Budweiser is a brand known beer that started its brewing in 1876, by Carl Conrad & Co. It has grown to become one of the highest selling beers in the United States and is available in over 80 markets worldwide. In 2015, 10,265 people died in a drunk driving accident, one every 51 minutes, and 290,000 were injured in drunk driving crashes. Who is most at risk? Why do people do drink and drive? How do you stop this? These are simply questions and daily concerns of regular citizens. A lot of people think about these questions and so does Budweiser. I believe this ad could speak to anyone from the ages of 18+.  This 2014 ad that I have chosen, gives you many reasons why you should never drink and drive.

Drinking and Driving kills 27 people on an average day in America. Thats every 51 minutes, somebody’s life is taken from them because of a drunk driver. Someone is injured every 120 seconds in a drunk driving incident. One budweiser is equivalent to 5% alcohol. Just one budweiser, is .5 more than the legal BAC. The estimated economic cost of alcohol-impaired-driving crashes in the U.S. is $49.8 billion.

“Friends are waiting” goes against drinking and driving by many ways. It’s the stereotypical American image of a man and his best friend, a dog. The ad portrays a man bringing home a brand new puppy for the first time. Their relationship grows within the next scenes as the man brings the dog out with him and his friends on a summer day. The man and dog playing together in the house with the upbeat and lighthearted music in the background emphasizes their positive friendship. The song is called “I’ll be waiting” and fits perfectly with this ad because that’s exactly what the dog is doing while the owner is out. The man is seen leaving the house to go out and drink with his friends, while his dog waits up for him at home. This is a scene where the friendship could be put in jeopardy because you see the man walking out with a case of Budweiser. The song foreshadows the experiences of the dog when his owner goes out because of the lyrics “I’ll be waiting here for when you come home to me.” You can see that while the man is out, the dog looks very sad because the man has not returned home that night. While the dog is waiting, you can see on his face the sadness, which makes the audience  sympathize with the dog and share his emotional suffering. During this scene, the ad says: “For some, the wait never ends.” When the man returns home the next morning, the dog is so excited to see him and the owner says that he decided to stay the night at his friends because he drank too much. When the owner returns, the ad portrays: “Make it a plan to come home.. Your friends are counting on you”, which is a very powerful message. The message from this ad relates to anyone because the dog could be a parent or friend when you go out. It also utilizes its theme of friendship, responsible thinking, and love for pets to elaborately depict the relationship between the dog and the owner.

The many different symbols in this ad, gives the audience a reason to follow it. One of them being, Budweiser promoting safe drinking. Another reason is the puppy. The puppy catches every audience’s attention because of the relativeness it has. Also the color red is displayed a lot in this Ad, which can relate to Budweiser because of its color on the label. It was seen on the dogs collar, the wall color, and clothes which can trigger viewers to associate the color red to the Budweiser brand. The psychological appeal would be considered as an emotional rollercoaster, especially for people with pets. This ad creates a connection between the viewer, dog and owner. The consumer is able to create feelings and emotion towards what’s happening throughout the advertisement.  

Economically, Budweiser spends on $134 million on advertising each year. In recent years, Budweiser has shown its product in many creative and different ways. They have changed the designs of their cans and grab the viewer’s attention with the ad’s that they produce. Continuing a long tradition of dogs in beer commercials, Budweiser again looks to persuade their audience with a puppy. A well known ad from Budweiser, also had a puppy in it, similar to this one. “Friends are Waiting” has more than 1 million views on youtube and was displayed during the 2014 superbowl. A superbowl commercial during 2014 was $4 Million dollars to be displayed for 30 seconds, a full minute ad goes for $8 Million. The Superbowl has more than 100 Million viewers each year and half of the viewers only watch it for the ads. By Budweiser producing a superbowl commercial, it gives their company more business because of the day that they displayed it. Budweiser has always been known for having the best puppy commercials and this one was displayed during the biggest watched television event.









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