Megan Fitzgerald

In 2015, Wrigley’s gum came out with one of the talked about commercials on social media worldwide. This heart wrenching story about a couple who meets over a piece of extra gum portrays a strong message to its viewers through emotions, symbols, and a story that sticks with the audience. This extra gum commercial has been viewed over 20,000,000 times on YouTube, shared on Facebook, and tweeted by millions. After their first series of their commercial aired “Origami,” this new story about Sarah and Juan uses the gum to symbolize their relationship. This is intriguing, and incorporates the product in a subtle way in order to make meaning out of the story. This ad is very affective at engraining a positive emotional story in the audience’s minds, is relevant to today’s society.

The basis of the commercial revolves around the relationship of Sarah and Juan. Sarah and Juan first meet in school when she drops her books in the hallway in high school. After he helps her, she offers him a piece of gum. From then on, every monumental moment that they share together she offers him a piece of gum. After every memory they share together, Juan keeps the gum wrapper and draws a picture of what happened when she gave him that piece of gum. Their relationship is shown in times of happiness, as well as times of hardship, but the gum is always present no matter what. In the end, Juan sets up a wall of all the drawn on wrappers of their memories, and the last one is of him proposing, and then she turns around to him proposing to her. #GiveExtraGetExtra is shown, and the commercial ends.

The companies campaign of “Give Extra Get Extra” uses a strategy of trying to promote making meaningful connections with those around you. Even though the concept of the story is romantic, the main goal of the company is to use the gum to symbolize the connections that we can make through a simple act of kindness of giving a piece of gum. Each time Juan uses the gum wrapper to draw their memories that they shared over that piece of gum, symbolizes their relationship. The company in this scenario is really trying more to sell the relationship to the audience than it is the gum itself. The wrappers tell a story, and it subtly uses the product to signify the importance of building memories and bonds with the ones you love.

The psychoanalytic aspect of this commercial is the biggest seller. The emotional rollercoaster the commercial brings the audience through is what makes it most memorable. The connection between the two actors is portrayed so beautifully that it makes the it seem so real. It portrays a sex appeal of an ordinary couple that finds love through the use of the product. The music playing in the background is a well-known song called “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Hailey Reinhart. If the music was not as emotional as it was, the ad probably would not have been as effective in creating a strong sense of emotion in the audience. The ad brought about a sense of happiness, but also at times sadness through the rough patches of the couple. But no matter what the situation, the gum was always there to assist in mending the relationship back to a stable place.

Energy BBDO, a company that Wrigley’s contracted to create them an ad, together created the #GiveExtraGetExtra campaign. BBDO was created in 1891, which was the same year Wrigley’s gum was founded. First they came out with the origami commercial, where the dad uses the wrappers of the gum to create little origami cranes out of them to symbolize the connection he has with his daughter. Then, in the sequel to this commercial came the story of Sarah and Juan. With this sequel, they hoped to create a similar ad to continue on with the message targeted at younger generations. The Even though this commercial may not directly make you want to buy a pack of gum, the story on social media is what is most talked about. The amount of people that have spread the word about this commercial and commented on it is how extra gum has gained so much popularity. Wrigley’s gum spent $19 million advertising extra gum in 2014 in hopes at gaining popularity in gum sales again after sales dropped from $262.3 million in 2013 to $254.8 million in 2014.


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