Kim Kardashian T-Mobile Superbowl Commercial

In 2015, public figure Kim Kardashian teamed up with T-Mobile in order to produce a commercial that cleverly promoted T-Mobile’s new ‘data saving’ feature. The basis of the commercial was Kim Kardashian advising clients to save their data. So much data is wasted each month – data that clients paid for but will never get to use. T-Mobile’s comical commercial was able to portray the importance of saving data in a light hearted manner. During the ad, Kim Kardashian basically makes fun of herself by saying that customers who save data will be able to see her vacations, her outfits, her makeup, and her selfies. The tone of the commercial makes the viewer feel as though the loss of data is something to be considered tragic, but at the same time T-Mobile is just trying to send a message in a bit of a sarcastic tone. Overall, the ad is not only an entertaining 30 seconds that society can relate to, but is also a successful way to promote the features available to T-Mobile clients.

The satirical aspect of the commercial symbolizes how a good portion of the public views Kim Kardashian. In the commercial, it is obvious that Kim is laughing along with the people as she jokes about being obsessed with herself. In the beginning of the commercial, Kim is identified as ‘famous person’, which is comical because a lot of people in our society think that she is famous for nothing. Throughout the commercial, Kim makes fun of herself for being self-absorbed. The theme of this commercial is extremely relevant to most people in our society. The commercial is generally aimed towards a younger crowd who can understand the Kim Kardashian references. But this commercial can appeal to most generations because mostly everybody is aware of who Kim Kardashian is because she has a lot of spotlight on her at all times. Another reason that this commercial is relevant to many different groups of people is because mostly everybody owns a cell phone.

T-Mobile is known for incorporating famous people into their ads. Along with Kim Kardashian, T-Mobile has made commercials with Tim Tebow, Steve Harvey, and their most recent Super Bowl commercial features Justin Bieber. Celebrity endorsement is a common theme for T-Mobile. It is no surprise that these types of advertisements are going to be quite an expense for phone companies. T-Mobile spent at least $4 billion in the year 2015 on all of their advertisements. A large chunk of that money was probably used to go towards this specific Super Bowl ad. But, the money spent was worth it because Kim Kardashian reaches a large demographic. She has millions of followers on every social media platform and T-Mobile used that to their advantage when creating a commercial that they hoped would be relatable and entertaining to the general public. Although the advertisements are expensive, the outcome is in T-Mobile’s favor because they are getting tons of publicity solely based on who they choose to represent them in their advertisements.


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