Reclaimed Freedom

Hari Roth, Omar Haque, Sam Aberle

In A Driver’s Life – Driving Matters™, Mazda advertises its 2016 MX-5 Miata.  The major symbols in the commercial are the various cars shown.  As the protagonist grows older, each Mazda model represents a stage in his life.  More specifically, the final car showcased, the new MX-5 Miata, symbolizes his freedom from the stereotypical American father’s lifestyle.  From a psychoanalytic perspective, the advertisement is effective in the way that it shows a passing of time and the younger years of the protagonist.  The ad is full of relatable events for any man; including: learning to drive, failing an passing a license test, going on a road trip, college, and finally marriage.  As far as political economy, the ad is directed towards middle-aged men. The Youtube description of the video states, “what matters even more than looks and performance, is how a car makes you feel when you drive it.”  By buying the new Miata, the protagonist is reclaiming his younger years and feeling free once again.  The 2016 model was rebuilt and reengineered from scratch, dawning a new era for the Miata, but also returning it to its former glory.


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