Doritos Superbowl Commercial

Kat Fletcher, Holly Lloyd, and Elisabeth Lutz

For the 2016 Superbowl, Doritos used a creative method to promote their product. A husband and wife were at the ultrasound for their baby. The husband was eating Doritos and noticed the fetus was following his motions on the monitor as he moved the Doritos around. The annoyed wife chucked the chip across the room, which resulted in the baby ‘shooting out’ of the mother’s body just to get the Doritos.

Doritos uses a series of ways in their commercial that help to prove the point that the craving for Doritos is real, even under extreme circumstances. The father, whom is not even concerned about the ultra sound, is holding a bag of Doritos at his own child’s ultrasound. Right from the start this makes it so funny and out of the ordinary. He is laughing the whole time because he is waving this Dorito around and watching the baby move on the monitor. This is one part that made the viewer of the commercial think it was so funny. As a stereotypical woman/mom would do, she gets angry at the father. The baby’s early arrival symbolizes how powerful the craving for Doritos really is.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.05.45 AM.png

The psychoanalytic aspects of the ad prompt the viewer to think about the power of the taste of a Dorito, and want to go to the store and buy a bag. Although the viewer knows this is obviously an exaggeration of the taste, the comedy even makes it more intriguing to go out and buy a bag of Doritos. Doritos did an amazing marketing job with their product in this commercial, using the comedy aspect to draw their viewers to think about how powerful the taste of even one Dorito is.This commercial is appealing to everyone that can consume food. There is no demographic or group that is specifically being marketed to. This is what makes the advertisement so universal and effective.


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