What you aren’t realizing about Snapchat…

Kat Fletcher, Holly Lloyd, and Elisabeth Lutz

Snapchat is a relatively new social media technology available to anybody who owns a smartphone. The general concept of snapchat is being able to chat your friends with pictures or videos, but to also be able to post videos and photos to your ‘My Story’. The ‘My Story’ feature on snapchat enables all your friends to view your post and be able to see what you are doing in the moment you post. Another important component of Snapchat is the availability of local articles from magazines and live news feeds. All of this is made available by companies in order for them to build a consumer base. Snapchat is being utilized to grab the attention of the younger generation in a way that is seen as entertaining. This form of social media extends verbal, audio, and visual aspects of our senses.

Snapchat has completely revolutionized communication not only simply between people who are snap chat friends, but has extended and helped people see what is going on around the world. Some people will always think that snap chat is only for sending funny pictures back and forth, but when you learn how to use the app, you will begin to understand that’s not the only thing this company has to offer. With Snapchat’s news articles and magazines that you can simply look at while on the app, it has made a much easier and convenient way of keeping up with what is happening everywhere in the US and around the world. For frequent Snapchat users, it has begun to replace watching the news on the television, or on the radio because we can watch live reports and read articles on popular stories right at our fingertips. We believe that Snapchat is only getting started. From politics articles, to tv show reviews, MTV and NFL coverage, Cosmopolitan and national geographic, ESPN, CNN, to Vogue, Snapchat has every bit of news that we need to hear, and potentially could completely revolutionize the way that current events and news are communicated in our society.

This social media platform also affects society as a whole, especially users of the app who are typically under the age of 30. Snapchat contains features that allow users to display their lives at any given moment. This makes nothing private anymore. If you choose to post, everybody knows your business. This can cause a sense of mixed emotions because those who view ‘My Stories’ run the risk of feeling left out. People often compare themselves to others and Snapchat certainly allows young people in this society to compare their lives to the ones they see other people posting about. Snapchat, along with other forms of social media, is slowly destroying our generation’s ability to have meaningful face to face interactions. Social skills such as holding a non-awkward conversation with someone for more than 30 seconds have diminished due to the option to conduct conversations through a screen. Although social media is very innovative and beneficial, we must not neglect valuable social skills that we were taught prior to the invention of social media.

Snapchat was created by three students who attended Stanford University, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Their goal was to allow users to send chats that were pictures. Another component of the original idea of Snapchat was the fact that the pictures were erased after being viewed. This set Snapchat apart from any other social media platform around. Surveyors found that users preferred this form of chat over other types of social media chatting available. Snapchat was exciting, refreshing, and interesting. Since the invention of Snapchat back in 2011, they have only grown more and more population, often adding new features and updates to the app. 100 million people use Snapchat everyday. More than half of those who are account owners log in each day. Snapchat’s popularity has only grown in the past five years, and the amount of account owners continues to increase. Overall, Snapchat was and still is an extremely successful social media platform.

Snapchat was fist released as a social media platform in 2011 and since then in the span of almost six years has made a great impact in the modern world in terms of everyday life and in the way companies can market their products to a young adult demographic. In terms of everyday life a recent study done by the University of Michigan shows that snapchat can make you happier. The study concludes that face to face interaction makes you the happiest, but getting snaps of silly everyday events from your friends makes you happier than posts from Facebook. On the other hand, there are many concerns that have been raised by parents about the app. Snaps that are sent over the app only appear for a few short seconds and the concern among many parents is that this style of social media enables sexting among teens. On the business side of the spectrum Snapchat has allowed small businesses with smaller advertising budgets gain access to more consumers by catering to their preferences by providing a personalized and individual feel to what is being advertised. Consumers are able to learn about products that they actually care about in an app that is very private.

Snapchat seems to have a bias towards lasting a long time. Those who work for Snapchat are continuing to bring about changes in the app all the time. The possibilities that Snapchat has continue to expand and the app continues to become more popular. This media extends the visual, auditory, and verbal senses that any human possesses. Snapchat is unlike any previous media that ever existed. It is original and refreshing and there is nothing like it. The future for Snapchat is bright. It will continue to expand and have added features. Social media would not be the same without Snapchat.

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