New Year, New President

January 20, 2017 marks the beginning of a new presidency and the end of one of the most unusual elections cycles in our nation’s history. Our children will learn about this unique election in history textbooks and ask us what it was like to live in such a crazy time. What will we say? What is it like to live during this time that is being recorded and one day will become history? Divided. That is the state of our country in during this time. There is a widening gap between the two political parties and the people that identify as either liberal or conservative. The response to the outcome of the election and the inauguration is overwhelming to say the least. Many liberals have banned together to protest against the current president. This can be seen from the protests that erupted on the day of the inauguration and the women’s march held on January 21, 2017. On the conservative side the response has been far less great as expected because Republicans won majority in the house, the senate, and won the presidency. Republicans have the potential to control all three houses after President Trump makes his supreme court appointments in the years to come. The response from the liberal side of the spectrum despite the outcome of the election (an overwhelming majority of states voting Republican) exemplifies the current climate of our nation. Only time will tell the future of our nation.


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