Inauguration Day 2017

No matter what one’s political stance is, January 20, 2017 is very likely to be a day no American will forget, and rightfully so. On this day, Donald Trump will be elected as the 45th president of the United States of America; an event that has our nation somewhat divided and unsettled because of the implications it can cause in the immediate and distant future. This election has been like no other in the history of the country. In an age that emphasizes technology and worldwide communication, the dynamics of this election are completely unique to all others. News outlets and social media have created a dynamic new atmosphere for this election in which opinions and ideals, as well as facts and news can be spread to millions of people within seconds. This new dynamic, in my opinion, can be seen as why the people of the country seem so divided over the outcome of this election. Voters who already hold an opinion will only have their beliefs and ideas reinforced by the news and social media by choosing what they view, further blindly blocking out all opposing views and further creating a division between people based on their political views. In addition, I feel that like agendas and false news being pushed on social media, such as false reports on the inauguration attendances like this:

are further dividing our country as a whole in addition to the non-peaceful protests and riots, which is something that is definitely not needed at this time. In such a confusing time in politics and many people’s lives it is important to remain objective and not jump to conclusions based on what one sees in the news and social media as there is often bias being shown. Any citizen who says they know what the future holds is truly lying and it is important at this time to take a step back and see what happens as a result of this election before criticizing it.


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