Election Day Reaction

January 20th, 2016 will go down in history as one of the most highly emotional and polarized days in American history.  With Donald Trump being elected President, it became nearly impossible to avoid politics during this election process.  Through different television media outlets, it was very difficult to find an unbiased news network, as many channels tend to favor a certain party.  Social media platforms allowed people the opportunity to express what the election means to them and the impact they feel on a personal level.  I think this is important because many people felt quite strongly for each candidate, and finding support through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be helpful.  However, people abuse this assistance when it used to attack others based upon their political views.

Though I haven’t been politically aware for many elections, from what I gather, this election is rare in its’ capacity to have no compassion or acceptance between parties.  This deep hatred for our President is further driving our nation apart.  Though I do not associate with a political party, I fully advocate for respect and acceptance for all.  This includes all minority groups who already feel marginalized by Trump’s words and actions, but also for Trump himself.  If our country would like to make the best of this election, it is imperative to unite behind the idea of maintaining the beautiful democracy that is America and moving nowhere but forward.  It is imperative for each person in this country to hold true to their values and what they feel is right, and use that knowledge as power to evoke change.


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