A New Era

For many Americans inauguration day represents the start of something new and some people find this scary while others look forward to the possibilities.  The ceremony marks the start of a new four year term where president trump will take over the responsibilities as president.  In years past the inauguration used to be a smaller ceremony but now it is a day long event with speeches, parades, and even performances.

The election of President Trump sent shockwaves of fear,anxiety (and in some cases) hope, throughout the nation.  Many people wondered why and how he was elected because he said questionable statements in media platforms that made people question his intentions.  People used social media, especially twitter, to express their thoughts on Obama leaving the white house and Trump taking over.  I feel that twitter was one of the most used platforms for celebrities, Trump, and even everyday people to rant about Trump swearing into office. Women and immigrants have issues with trump because of some of the policies he wants to enact.  These groups used twitter and Facebook to get their messages across to the rest of the world.  They even held large protests the next day.

Even JK Rowling tweeted  


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