A Divided Nation

On the night of November 8th as states were tallying up their ballots, millions of Americans stared at the television with their clammy hands and hearts racing. When the votes started leaning towards Donald Trump becoming president, the fear had turned into a reality and he had now just won over the votes of the American people. This inauguration day was one that will go down in history. The difference in attitudes, thoughts, and feelings compared to 8 years ago when Obama was sworn in is tremendous. The media has played an enormous role in the reactions to the discussion between our nations individuals, and has transformed how we view this change in society. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been the largest contributors of social media from people expressing their feelings openheartedly. The Women’s Marches all across the country, and even some in different countries show how divided the nations opinions are right now, yet how we are able to come together and fight for what is right. Even though the nation is currently split in different directions, the only way to get past this division is and to find unity is to accept the current situation. Trump will not be able to “Make America great again” if such a great mass of people are against him. The meaning of this inauguration day for many has evoked such terror over the basic rights that hold true to all Americans, and our country just became a whole lot more unpredictable.


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