One Nation, One President

As divided as the United States may be right now, we still are one nation. One nation with one president. President Trump is your president whether you agree or not and that is the beauty of democracy. In an era of great upheaval throughout the United States, I think that it is time or unity amongst all of its citizens. We are not able to change the course of recent events by protesting (violently) or rioting, things that only make matters worse and further separate.

We need to accept our new president, and the choices he makes because in the end we can not do anything to change it. President Trump obviously has his own plans and his vision to what a “Great America” is. Some of these plans include building a wall, defeating ISIS as a whole, and repealing Obama-Care. I do not agree with everything that President Trump plans to do but as the President of the United States, we need to be respectful towards him and give him the benefit of the doubt. I do not think that the new President is either a Democrat nor Republican, but a Trumpist. This meaning that he has his own plans to what he thinks is right and doesn’t care about any opposition. Who knows maybe good will come out of this because this is new to all of us, and frankly we are not sure what the future holds.


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