Inauguration Day, What This Means

January 20th was Inauguration Day in the United States which many were excited about, but some not so much. With constant protest from non-Trump supporters and the future of America being questionable in the future, many did and do not know what to do. As you see by the image above, many had come together to discuss there own personal reactions to Trumps Inauguration and what the future of America may hold. That’s what many did on this Inauguration Day, and what many would do with the Women’s March happening a few days later. What this Inauguration means for fellow Americans is what we want done in the future. Although many were unhappy with the results of the election, it is people themselves who must come together to solve there own specific problems and come together as fellow Americans. Yes, Trump was elected president, but it is up to Americans to preach there own needs, we cannot change what happens in the past, we need to focus on the future and try to make it better. Being showcased on Twitter, many women supporters being shown during the march raised awareness for women’s rights and civil rights under Trump presidency. By them doing it causes a form a media which showcases what they want to see in America and hopefully influence our new president to follow what they are asking for.


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